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Hempstead (NEW OFFICE - Open 24/7) (516) 486 2663                  Queens
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Bronx 1 (888) 932 2458                                                        Yonkers & Westchester (914) 668-2333                              Nassau County (516) 292-2108                                              Suffolk County (631) 342-0900 (631) 234-2663                      Bronx 1 (888) 932 2458                                            Richmond County, Staten Island (718) 222-JAIL (5245)      Western New York (including buffalo watertown, Rochester, Syracuse) (716) 725-0007; (716) 713-5040 (cell)      Manhattan (212) 680-1333                                            Binghamton (607) 723-3500                                                      Utica (888) 932-2458

Need to Bail Your Buddies Out of Jail? Here's How to Do It

bailbondsWe all have that one friend who's missing the ability to differentiate illegal activities from legal ones. Or perhaps he simply doesn't care. In any case, if you care about him, you need to know how to bail him out of jail, because at some point you will have to.   Comedian Julian McCullough has just such a morally questionable friend named Sean, so he set out to better understand the bail-posting process in his latest "How Now." Tutoring Julian is Steve Zalewski, licensed bail bondsman.

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Welcome We are Affordable Bails New York, Inc. (AB)  with offices in and around New York. AB has the strongest capabilities to execute Bail Bonds and Transfer Bonds.  Affordable Bails NY Inc. has locations in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Yonkers, Westchester, Nassau & Suffolk Counties. 

Bail In The News

Bail-In-The-NewsA collection of the latest headline making bail stories to make the news.


How Bail Works

How-Bail-Works Bail is a condition and a right set forth by precedent from as far back as Babylon , to Ancient Greece, in England 's Magna Carta and now in the 8 th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Bail is defined and incorporated in individual State Constitutions, which vary from State to State.


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You Pay, We Post & You're Out!
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 whyAt Affordable Bails New York, Inc. we are family owned and operate across all of New York City and Long Island 24 hrs / 7 Days a week.


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History Of Bail

 History-of-BailBail laws in the United States grew out of a long history of English statutes and policies.   During the colonial period, Americans relied on the bail structure that had developed in England hundreds of years earlier. 


Bail FAQs

 BallAndChain2A person's first thought upon landing in jail is often how to get out -- and fast. The usual way to do this to "post bail." Bail is cash or a cash equivalent that an arrested person gives to a court to ensure that he will appear in court when ordered to do so.