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Bail In The News! (14)

One of the most powerful statements of American doctrine, manifest in the bail bond system, is that every person is innocent until proven guilty. This process of allowing a tangible showing of good faith allows those arrested for various crimes to continue their lives while awaiting trail.

Jail bonds are not for every suspect or every crime. The courts are backed by bond agents to ensure that those allowed to post bond are trustworthy and committed to the legal process.

The Nassau County, Hempstead and Mineola Bail bonds are a professional that fully understands the law and the importance of upholding the process. Once bail is granted and posted a bondsman will ensure their commitment to be present at all hearings and to follow restrictions set by the courts.

Without a doubt, going to jail is a dreary experience.  Nassau County, Hempstead and Mineola Bail bonds are a God send for anyone who has ever been incarcerated. Nassau County, Hempstead and Mineola Bail bondsmen are the professionals that make bail bonds available and accessible to those who have been arrested.

Nassau County, Hempstead and Mineola Bail bonds are used by people who have been arrested and want to be released prior to their criminal trial. Bail has nothing to do with innocence or guilt. They are simply a fee paid to the court that gives the court some reasonable assurance that the defendant will return to trial. If the defendant doesn’t return than the court keeps the bail money and the defendant has a warrant issued for their arrest anyway. This is cash known as a cash bail.

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